Domination – 4 track release. ( A band in the St. Louis metal/hardcore scene)

Band: Domination
Genre: Hardcore/Death Metal
Label: Unsigned
Sounds Like: TAS, Monsters

RATING: (3.50/5)

So far the current songs in this Domination upload include:

1. Malevolent Decimation (Intro)
2. Reinforcements (Feat Clint from Battalion)
3. Highrise
4. This Means War

The St. Louis underground scene apparently has something new to offer the Hardcore scene by the name of band called, Domination.  While the name is incredibly original, the music isn’t anything that hardcore listeners haven’t heard before.  From the start, I’ll say this; This band is very breakdown oriented.

Easily the best band that St. Louis’s metal scene has to offer. Make sure to add these guys on MySpace and let them know what you think of the music,” according to uploader WatchMeRise on ILikedYouBetterDead.

It would be alot easier to judge this statement if I and others were more aware of the existence of metal bands in the St. Louis scene. This is the first I’ve heard.

To sum it up, the best song by far on this four track release is the song “Reinforcements”. This may be in part due to the recording quality of the song which seems to be better than the other three. This is a song which has alot of fast but heavy blast beat breakdowns mixed in throughout. There are plenty of breakdowns, but surprisingly they are not overused. The very slow breakdowns are a bit too frequent in this song though. That and I hate slow breakdowns for the most part.

Overall this song makes me want to put on a flat brimmed hat, put on a jersey, and do some cartwheels in a pit ticking off bystanders on the edge of the pit who don’t like seeing swinging arms and fists coming within inches of their faces. Well, anyway, you get the idea.

The Malevolent Decimation (Intro) sounds like well, an techie space feeling drug induced and/or dazed state up until about the last 30 seconds which is a cool sounding, but typical breakdown. The two other songs have your traditional hardcore, hit someone, feel. Think a chuggish The Acacia Strain’s Wormwood mixed with Monsters, except with more breakdowns, and usually slow Oceano type ones at that. 

If your looking for something to pump you up, workout to, or just punch your pillow to because of personal problems, give it a listen.

Listen to all four songs at their Myspace.  If you wish to download the tracks in this post, you can at mediafire. Album upload courtesy of uploader WatchMeRise at ILikedYouBetterDead on Sept. 18

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