The Cool Tour

The Venue: The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

The Cool Tour this year consisted of headliners, As I Lay Dying and Underoath

– Bless The Fall
– Between The Buried And Me
– The Acacia Strain
– Architects
– War Of Ages
– Cancerbats

Cancerbats :

I only saw a few songs from their set. Honestly, I was expecting something completely different in hearing them for the first time. I had gotten the impression that they were some sort of punk band because I had heard about Tom Delonge from Blink 182 helping them out. Turns out they are some sort of heavy punk alternative band but with screaming. Most of my friends hated them though.

Live, they had a good sound.

War Of Ages :

They are a newer band to the metal scene and still have yet to really build much of a following.

Live they weren’t necessarily anything special, but I noticed they didn’t mess up at all in any of their songs. Their stage performance was made better by their vocalist who really tried to get the crowd pumped.

My only gripe, and its one of my usual ones, is that their Bass mike wasnt loud enough so that I couldnt hear their double bass clearly.


I had never even heard of or seen Architects before. In my opinion they have a very generic hardcore sound.

Their live sound wasn’t good. Either their tech guy, if they had one, didnt know what he was doing, or they don’t have their live sound worked out yet. I could barely hear the rhythm guitar, the bass was too loud and drowned everything else out, and their double bass might need to be replaced with click pads or something of that nature.

They did have a decent stage presence though.


They led off with 2.0 and followed it off with What’s Left Of Me. Most of their set was songs from Witness.

My only gripe was that their rhythm guitar wasn’t loud enough and Beau’s mike could have been louder considering that he was sick and was having some problems singing to his full capability. Beau was actually pretty sick during Bless The Fall’s set, but he put one hell of a show. He went into the crowd and crowd surfed on his back while singing into the mike. Toward the end of the set he actually puked on some girl near the front.

He might not do 40 foot stage dives like Craig Mabbit, but I was impressed with his desire to go through with the show even though he really wasnt feeling well.

The Acacia Strain:

These guys had a very interesting start-up. For the most part it was filled with F bombs and “If you have something to prove, hurt some tonight.” Alot of “hurt” did indeed take place. The upstairs balcony provided a good view of their pit made up almost completely of hardcore dancers and wannabe tough guys beating the crap out of each other.

TAC also kept using the word “negativity” and kept mentioning how negative they were and that the world and people are horrible.

Live wise, their sound was fantastic. Heavy, precise, and completely clear. Everything was perfect. Their vocalist is a bit different live wise with his screams then on the album, something that impressed me. He actually has more vocal range then the albums let on.

Their set mainly consisted of songs off Wormwood and The Dead Walk.

Between The Buried And Me

They put on an incredible set. They only seemed to play about 5 songs or so, but that’s not surprising considering how long some of their songs are.

Live wise, everything was perfect. They didnt sound off in anyway. I felt like I was hearing some of the tightest ambient music I had heard, while then hearing some well put together technical feeling riffs. This band seems to have it all.

If you want to see a good set, well this is a band that will deliver. I cant think of anything negative about their set.



They took about 20 minutes to get the stage ready for their set. They had a projector displaying a video that they used during their set along with quite a few lights and stage lights which kind of surprised me.

Before they got started they tried to counter TAC’s message by saying things like “We’ve heard alot about negativity, but we are all about being positive and having fun.” (When I told this to liferuiner off of ILYBD he told me they said this because they are pussies.)

They led off with Breathing In A New Mentality which is probably one of their heaviest songs in my opinion. I might be mixing up the order of the next two songs, but I believe they then played Desperate Times, Desperate Measures and then Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door. (That was the only song off of Their Only Chasing Safety they played during their set.)

Their live performance and sound was absolutely flawless. You could hear everything perfectly. The crowd went nuts for Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, which was played quite well. I was worried that with the departure of Aaron, the song wouldn’t be as good as it once was, but their guitarist did a good job of making sure that the chorus would still be as good as it always was.

Their set consisted mostly of songs off of Lost In The Sound Of Separation and Define The Great Line. The whole set felt like a party, except I was moshing my brains out and I never stopped jumping.

Writing On The Walls may have been their best song of the set.

As I Lay Dying:

As I Lay Dying took a while to set up and filled the whole stage with gigantic posters and curtains based off of art from their newest album, The Powerless Rise.

They led off their song with 94 Hours, which was flawlessly played. They continued with Andonyne Sea and a few more songs off the Powerless Rise.

Live wise the first part of their set was perfect. Toward the latter half of their set it seemed like someone messed with their equipment. Maybe the sound guy screwed up, I’m not sure. Their kick mike seemed to go down as did their main guitarist.

Their drummer did like a 3 minute solo which was quite impressive.

I was disappointed with the fact that they DID not play Parallels. Seriously, how could they not play Parallels? That was their single off of The Powerless Rise. (Probably the best song on the album)

Overall Id rate the Cool Tour a 4.5 out of 5.0