Lost Cogs In A Global Machine: Thinking About Identity In The Dissident Right

Part 1

The Rotting Stink Clawing Away At Us

Author’s Note: This article will be updated, edited consistently, and possibly republished as I focus my thoughts and ideas as time goes on.  I’m not an intellectual nor an amazing writer. I’m just some guy trying to flush out what plagues our modern existence. Thoughtful genuine critique is welcome.   This long post is divided into two parts with the second focusing on ideas to forge a new mythos and identity.

Something is wrong with modern society. We can feel it in our bones. It chills us like a sinister X- Files conspiracy in which our souls and spirit have been stolen away. We can smell the rot abounding and growing in their absence and we know its more than just the curse of a bizarre post-modernism that’s permeated our modern lives.

The post-Cold War framework we evaluated, measured, and determined our identities no longer holds weight. Useless is the “left vs right” and “liberal vs conservative” paradigms that culture, politics, and even daily life were seen through.  It’s been rendered obsolete by our new digital age and a “new” set of problems festering for decades behind the scenes that have finally surfaced.

Almost everyone regardless of their political affiliations can see that the world around is falling apart.  We are reaping the seeds we’ve sown in the past all the way from the French Enlightenment to the Post-Christian West as our substituted gods have started to crumble. 

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Elderly Wisdom: Realizing You Were Never As Smart As You Thought You Were.

I suppose this happens when you get older, get married, hit that magic 30, grow some gray hairs in your fatherly beard, and of course have some kids. For others it just a slow unraveling of the established wisdom you learned as a kid through “young” adulthood.

My kids – toddlers or not – when at restaurants weren’t going to use our phones to entertain themselves to stop them from tantruming and screaming. They weren’t going to toys in Walmart when they threw tantrums. (Yea I was definitely wrong on that one.) You have a specific way of thinking about your present circumstances and a supposed plan for the future.

One thing I’ve realized in the last few years coming off my self identified edgelord time – if it can even be called that – is that I don’t know as much as I thought I did. This realization applies to all aspects of life. I’m in a different season of life now and not only have my circumstances changed, but this isn’t 2006 or 2008 anymore.

You think you’ve reached the peak of your understanding and how things really work. You have it all figured out. I was an ardent libertarian, door-mat nice guy who didn’t get the girl, et cetera. I’d read everything I needed to and basically had arrived at the mountain top. Then you start to notice holes in your perfect utopian plateau.

This doesn’t mean I become jaded, miserable, depressed, or even necessarily resigned to a dismal future of some sort. It just means I’ve developed a bit better understanding of how the world ACTUALLY works, rather then some of the lofty idealism that fuels your youth.

When I was a younger buck, I loved controversy because it was exciting, thrilling, and often brought some spark to the usual boring tedium and routine of life. Yes, it does make for exciting stories. It made forums more lively and often encouraged people to engage in off-game forums once you irked them enough to respond. That was 2008.

Real-life however doesn’t necessarily translate similar results, especially in 2019. Controversy now is often bad for your personal, relationship, and economic health in a culture dominated by social media trending hashtags. Sure, plenty of people don’t care. I admire them. Those that do though can make other’s lives hell and they often do because misery loves its company.

That’s both a blessing and a curse.

My wife for one hates politics, drama over culture war stuff, et cetera. It’s forced me to stop paying so much attention to these matters. It’s driven me to simply not care or invest as much as I used to with the outrage of the day. Honestly I feel that much better for it.

I look around at the other “normies” around me and I notice they have their own issues in life to work through, but they are that much happier. Perhaps that’s a key lesson in and of itself. Sure some things are worth fighting for, but when you get older you finally start to grasp what those things are. Often they really aren’t what you wasted much your time on before. (Granted you have to make mistakes to learn from them.)

There’s always something new in the 24/7 hour news cycle, but your kids are only toddlers once. Time spent with them is far more important, valuable, and rewarding then time spent leaving troll comments, arguing on social media, or at some protest. There are better uses of my time.

I still care about understanding the Truth and much of what I’ve found and uncovered in the last few years has made me question just about everything I thought I knew already (No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist). I loved reading history as a kid, and now I wonder how much of what I read was simply the victor’s narrative of events.

Perhaps that all sounds vague, but I’ve had my own Tucker Carlson moment on quite a few issues now – and that goes all ways on the political and cultural spectrum. (Including one similar to his own thoughts in that now famous monologue.) Perhaps single payer isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe the free market needs some regulations. Open borders may not be the best thing for the country.

What I do with this all that uncovered knowledge and realizations is what matters. Hopefully I don’t squander it. One thing I’ve noticed in some of the “manosphere”, Red Pill, edgelord, SJW, woke, et cetera communities is what happens to people once they think they are on to something , their entire life’s purpose becomes and consumes them. It becomes their identity.

Yea I get it. However I notice these same people end up becoming Nietzsche monster from the abyss they’ve constantly looked, fought, attacked, and obsessed over. Look at what happens to them over time. Do you really want that? If you briefly browse through their social media profiles, you’ll notice they see enemies, ists and isms, misery, oppression, misogyny, “Red Pill truths”, and problems everywhere all the time.

It’s one reason these same people complain they are constantly depressed, filled with anxiety, and even have panic attacks because in addition to dealing with the increasing stresses of the modern internet age, they add additional layers of supposed responsibility on their shoulders.

Sure alot of it includes virtue signaling on social media and on-the-ground activism, but it’s very difficult to always be perfect and with out ever “sinning” in today’s charged climate. One wrongly interpreted remark and the mob is after you. Since forgiveness is no longer a valued aspiration in our post-Christian society, there is no possibility of amends and moving forward. It’s quite scary. Everyone is throwing the first stone and plenty of them.

It’s obvious when you think about it that you don’t want to be like that, but the slope is far more slippery than we realized in the dial-up days of the internet. Perhaps this will all pass, but time neglected with family and close friends will not. Priorities, right?

Sure, be aware of the current situations and events of the day so you are always prepared for what may happen. Be aware of the newest outrages and how best to deal with them if they ever happen to yourself or friends and family. Don’t obsess over them though. Certainly, we live in an age of outrage.

That doesn’t mean we need to dwell in that outrage, fuel it, and become it. I wish had stressed this to myself sooner. Some people consider it to be a form of unplugging, and perhaps it is. The world goes on though in the 24/7 news cycle to the next day’s outrage. Remember that in evaluating the importance of each day’s insanity. Just make sure to sit down, take a sip of coffee, and relax in the meantime.

#Gillette Shows Us The Timeless Activity of Wrestling Is Apparently Toxic Masculinity

Lost in the twitter chaos and YouTube backlash to that Gillette commercial – now the 5th most down voted video in YouTube history is something that really leaps out and grabs you by our apparent toxic natures:

Take a second look. No, it’s not that this commercial doesn’t actually bother discussing anything about shaving.

Catch that? The rolling around in the dirt, trying to get the best position and hold? It’s quite an ancient and historied activity throughout many cultures across the world since the beginning of time. Wrestling. In all of it’s forms. Olympians of old and new, rituals, state competitions, any old tussle in the backyard; it’s apparently a demonstration of the ever widening examples of toxic masculinity.

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For This New Year: Hug Your Woke Neighbor, Student, and Activist.

Everyone apparently sets New Years resolutions on Faceberg to supposedly motivate themselves and look good while doing it to the applause of others trying to do the same thing. A few weeks later and no weights have been lifting, diets undertaken, hobbies started, repairs and construction began, et cetera. We have all been there, done that, and some of us will do the exact same thing again.

However, I have a better idea.

I’ve already seen the smorgasbord of dumb people doing dumb things, specifically the woke SJW types, activists, and those whose entire purpose and drive in life makes them chronically unhappy. We of course solemn shake our heads in unison over the latest meltdown and very potent demonstration and manifestation of that unhappiness and resulting rage and bitterness. It was after all inevitable. Calling out injustice “everywhere” and every new ist and ism that rears its systematic oppressive head takes it toll on one’s sanity and ability to enjoy life.

Sure we can all laugh, point, berate, and all the usual responses. Kick em when they are down Eric Holder style. They deserve it right? They made their own bed, now they can lie in. That however just keeps the usual echo chambers echoing and brimming with all too common schadenfreude for the various social media addicts sharing it daily. Honestly, I’m tired of it. Well it’s time for a change; it’s the “current year” after all.

Give these miserable miserly lonely miscreants a hug. Seriously, they need it. Let it be like when the Germans, French, and English called a truce for Christmas day and sang songs together over a good smoke; from a deplorable bigoted ist/ism like yourself to a woke, smart, socially aware on-the-right-side-of-history, non-gendered activist in need of some love.

I’m serious. Or at least some kind words if they look like they may consider a hug to be sexual assault. (You know the type.) Let them know, they are gonna be fine and that their recent offense isn’t that big of a deal.

Consider these woke folks to be stuck in extra secure shrink wrap. Whenever something tries to unravel a strand, the overall wrap gets even tighter. Stuck in an incoherent worldview that constantly clashes with reality  the way they wish the world was, they end up upset, confused, miserable, depressed, and often lonely – basically everything that involves being plagued by mental health issues. Trump’s election is one obvious example of this.

Occasionally some reach a point where the shrink wrap snaps entirely freeing them from their cocoon, but life isn’t fair and plenty of them remain trapped. We’ve already come to a point in the “culture war” where logic no longer matters – specifically to those woke types who can dismiss glaring conflicts with their worldview as ist, ism, phobia, oppressive, colonial, patriarchal et cetera. You can’t argue with cult members, so stop trying.

Appeal to their emotional side instead. It’s the dominant means of persuasion in our era and the best way to establish a bond with someone.

There’s a reason why most advertisements we see are all based on how we feel or trying to make us feel a certain way. The feel and taste of that cold bud lite, driving that sleek fast and luxurious Mercedes or rough and touch Chevy truck, how you can look with this newest razor or excellent lipstick. Well, absorb the lesson from their playbook and give it a well meaning embrace.

It’s not just for them – who are burned out and need the reprieve from politics and the culture war- but for you too in the Dissident Right.

This suggestion to appeal to their emotions almost sounds facetious and borderline manipulative, but we aren’t trying to harness our inner dark triad Machiavelli. This is sincere. Constantly being focused on the what’s wrong with the world and staring into all the injustices is similar to staring into Nietzsche abyss and becoming the very monster you see. At a certain point even the most ardent party member holding the record for denouncing his neighbors and comrades is denounced himself and sentenced to the gulag.

You can be there when that happens and considering what was acceptable just 5 years ago, it’s inevitable that plenty of people are going to be eaten by their own tolerant tribe. They will be upset, shocked, and suddenly starting to peer through those newly formed cracks.

So show them what life is like beyond the cracks of their basement walls ; some actual damned happiness and enjoyment of life. Start with the small things in life. You might not be able to buy your wife a Lamborghini, but a $1 bar of chocolates let’s her know she’s in your thoughts. It’s the same principle for our woke friends.

Slowly by small actions build those tears in the shrink wrap. You never know what incident could come about each time until there is that hopeful snap. Life is short. It’s hard to see how much of what happened yesterday will matter 30 years from now in comparison to your children and future grand-children.

Sure, the long game and what happens today is important to their future and yours, but don’t let the worries of today destroy the future happiness and “life-well-lived” sense of tomorrow. If that happens, no one has really “won.”

Supporting A Family With a Low Income.

In this post, I’m going to break quickly break down my income, expenses, and financial situation to show what can and can’t be done.   Question is, can you do it?

One of the biggest hurdles and objections we always hear from those in their 20s and 30s is that it’s financially impossible to get married, have kids, find somewhere to live – whichever order that comes in.   Yeah, I get it as I am living it.  Regardless of what part you are at, the stress is always there.

Now I know you’ve also heard this before, but truth is that very few are often prepared to have kids unless they were born into a trust fund, our ruling class elites, or into very well-off families.   Yet somehow all those excluded from those esteemed and wealthy circles somehow manage.   So the real question boils down to their quality of life as they manage the day-to-day grind, stresses, unexpected hard situations, job demands and flexibility, etc.

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Eating a Ham Sandwich Is a Revolutionary Act in the Current Year


George Orwell said that telling the truth in a time of deceit is a revolutionary act.  Of course this quote speaks for itself to us in the Dissident Right and any deviant deplorable with a working knowledge of actual history, but there’s much more to Orwell’s statement then meets our keen eye.   In fact, it’s quite pertinent to our “current year”.

Yes, eating a ham sandwich or foodstuff whether modified like a Frankenfood burger from the villainous Monsanto to the vegan activist barista brewing a cup of supposedly ethically sourced coffee beans picked by child slaves in the war torn Congo.   

It really doesn’t take much these days, especially when you can spam social media with the food you just gorged on at Chic Fil A or one of Ben & Jerry’s social conscious ice cream flavors for 8$ meant to impress people on your Facebook feed you think are your friends.

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Thinking Aloud: Lying Low and Building The Trenches

A crazed Nazi, Robert Bowers, who used Gab – and apparently Facebook and Twitter finally snapped after obsessing and hating the Jews for years upon end.  “Screw your optics, I’m going in,” is his last post on Gab that is now living on in meme infamy before he shot up a synagogue. 

Gab however would suffer further for Bower’s posts and for the posts of all the other apparent “white supremacists/Nazis” who frequent the platform.  It’s hosting service would drop it, GoDaddy would purge it’s domain, and Paypal would refuse to do business with it anymore, and Medium would ban it. Mainstream media  and crybullies from the Washington Compost to the New York Slimes pumped out articles bashing Gab and rejoicing in it’s demise cause “hate speech” – whatever that means anymore.

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Who Took Down Davis M.J. Aurini?

For those of you who don’t know, Davis Aurini does a regular Sunday livestream which used to have Luke Ford at the background for video and the occasional Bechtloff jumping on to chat – I think John Steele was on this chat too.  A month or two back they had a fallout over a stream dealing with protestant vs catholic issues and criticism of the Catholic church.    

If you glance back in time Aurini from 5 years ago, you’ll notice a libertarian Atheist with some early Neo-Reactionary Monarchist ideas.  Fast forward to the current year and he’s changed quite a bit both in the types of videos he’s put out as well as his life’s direction.  (Hell, he’s a Catholic now.) Instead of triggering the libs, he’s become far more interested in remaining under the radar.  

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Think Aloud: Stop Apologizing to Guiltcucks and Shamecucks for Your Ancestors Legacy and History.

Guilt is a powerful weapon – perhaps even more so now in the internet age. Plenty of digital denizens bring their mace of shame down on surprisingly willing participants  and recipients who kneel gracefully to receive each blow. It’s now become a yearly tradition for them.

For some reason, I always think Columbus day is on October 12th of every year and realize that’s its come based on the flurry of apparent straight white males telling other straight white males to feel guilt for their ancestors successes.

I’m not sure what to call these people, but let’s give this branding thing a try.  Shamecucks? Guiltcucks?  When it comes to The Information War, we definitely need an easy-to-recognize label by the mainstream that sums up what these people are doing in one word instead of,  “They are shameful recipients of self-deprecating guilt while groveling in repentance and demanding we all do the same to a mob whose never satisfied with their pleading cries of supplication.”

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Thinking Aloud: The Information War and Fighting an Enemy With No Rules

Branding.  Easy, understandable, and no-explanation needed labels, terms, and phrases with all the right kinds of connotations regardless of who hears them; a 711 worker, Chase teller, Facebook drone, Amazon warehouse workhorse, lobbyist, journalist, brand influencer, or dog groomer. 

One group of people in particular have perfected it’s use: Activist Progressives.  Those of us versed in the “culture war” and wrongthink have an inkling as to what this label means. Most “normies” however won’t. It could mean anything. Not good. Sad. 

That right there is our number one problem. Yea, I’m serious. It’s worse than the deplatforming, twitter lynch mobs targeting us, Big Tech monopoly/censorship, and AntiFa beatings endowed upon us.   In fact it’s whats enabled our current beatings and martydom in the internet arena suffered at the hands of the progressive mobs that don’t seem to stoke widespread and obvious condemnation by the masses. 

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