Lost Cogs In A Global Machine: Thinking About Identity In The Dissident Right

Who Am I? Where Do I Go?

Part 1

The Rotting Stink Clawing Away At Us

Author’s Note: This article will be updated, edited consistently, and possibly republished as I focus my thoughts and ideas as time goes on.  I’m not an intellectual nor an amazing writer. I’m just some guy trying to flush out what plagues our modern existence. Thoughtful genuine critique is welcome.   This long post is divided into two parts with the second focusing on ideas to forge a new mythos and identity.

Something is wrong with modern society.  You can feel it in your bones. It almost feels like a sinister X- Files like conspiracy in which our souls and spirit have been stolen away. WE can smell the rot in their absence, and we know its more than just the curse of a bizarre post-modernism expertly mixed with Marxism that’s been chipping away our foundations.

Our spiritual, cultural, and economic inheritance seems to have evaporated. Communities are disintegrating under pharmaceutical induced  opioid epidemics.  That implicit cultural script that guided everyday interactions has been shredded.  Even acknowledging this becomes a new form of heresy.

Almost everyone regardless of their political affiliations can see that the world around is falling apart.  We are reaping the seeds we’ve sown from the French Enlightenment to the Post-Christian West.   Even the science and rationality meant to provide a substitute for moral foundations has been corrupted by flawed biased men  a.k.a “the replication crisis” for their nefarious goals.

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With All the Recent Bans on Social Media, Is It Time For A Scorched Earth Mindset?

We know the Salem Witch trials finally stopped when they accused the colonial governor’s wife. It had gone too far. No longer was it just some random slave from Barbados put through the ringer, but a member of the ruling class.  What does this lesson hold for the modern digital age?

 Should we flag and report every video from those on social media who demand bannings and digital burnings? Should Oliver Darcy have every single tweet, post, and any video’s he’s ever been on flagged? Perhaps its at that point.   Perhaps we should fight bannings by demanding the banning of those who called for it.

Image result for scorched earth city scape wallpaper

Yes it will be a nasty cycle of endless gang retaliation, but it’s not like there’s any implicit rules anymore which actually will be followed.  Any moral high ground seems pointless to those without morals such as “free speech”. Conservatives may have had free speech problems in the 90s, but it’s seems like child’s play compared to socially woke tech giants and their enablers.

We all know that Alex Jones was banhammered off virtually every social media platform as well as some financial and commentary platforms with Apple starting the domino like ban that other woke companies would follow and collude Russian style together. Last but not least Twitter with it’s very clear and fairly enforced terms of service would finally cave, though they were already determined to ban Jones. Oops.

Their reason of choice would be for egregious “repeated” violations of that vague category of vehement disagreement and wrong opinions known as  hate speech – whatever the hell that even means anymore.  One man’s social justice leveling of the system is another man’s hate speech, right? Right?  Of course not in the eyes of our overlord arbiters. 

Let’s peak back a decade or so ago into the internet and social media and generously summarize it. 

The early social media adapters of the mid to late 2000s originally thought it was just going to be them and their fellow like minded friends at the party. Leaving the door unlocked, they expected any newcomers to be exactly like them.  Ideas would spread – ones that they approve of!

These new guests would and should eventually take up their worldviews and vision for what the future should be – one where social media would become the primary platform for political, cultural, and every other discussion of note to the consuming masses.  They would be it’s cultivators, landlords, and controllers.

Then came “radicals” of all different stripes, plenty who weren’t advertiser friendly. Their established friends cried foul when their opinions – once held high beyond question – were publicly questioned. A new and ever expanding group of ists, isms and phobes were suddenly in their midst! Something had to be done. 

A few years ago they finally realized that it wasn’t just going to be them and their friends espousing politically correct and polite opinions confirming their hegemony.  Trump’s election would kick them into action as they strove to ensure that “fake news” couldn’t be used to deliver election results they didn’t like.

Now they must rule with an iron fist for public safety, cordial conversation, and to prevent “hate”. They do their part to stoke up mobs on the right side of history demanding the bannings of the “right” people. To help them in their bidding, they’ve got plenty of noteworthy woke actors, celebs, elites, etc. to issue calls for help which they of course must respond. 

The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Corporations.

Yea we hear this a lot these days, often by people who demand insane amounts of regulations for every company under the sun.  “But it’s their platform!” That good ole 1st amendment doesn’t apply to corporations and private businesses, only to government. Free speech doesn’t apply here!

Yet somehow Masterpiece Cakeshop doesn’t have a platform and has to bake that cake for that ONE specific wedding occasion, but Big Tech doesn’t have to allow “bigots” who tweet controversy and unpopular opinions hate speech on their platforms.    They can simply obfuscate their standards, how they apply them, and pretend that they and their employees have no bias.

“Start your own!” is what both progressives and neo-conservatives will say to the ever increased swath and field of “bigots” we are told when we complain about the double standard because it’s their platform.

Well numerous  growing problems exist with that conclusion, namely that pretty much all dialogue and discussion of political issues in the modern digital age IS on social media – arguably this became the intent and purpose of Big Tech.  They argue they aren’t a publishing platform, but they make determinations on what will and won’t be published.  Essentially they want all the power, but none of the responsibilities.

It is now an established monopoly in which Big Tech destroys and hinders any startups through borderline illegal methods.  Startups can’t even make headway now. 86% of web traffic goes through just google. Obviously we should break those up right, just as we did ?

Wait, no we shouldn’t? I guess the same people who oppose monopolies and demand they be broken oddly don’t apply that consistent logic here when they or those they support are exactly those said monopolies,  but that’s not the subject matter for this insightful post; it’s the precedent itself that banks, corporations, and key cogs and companies that control how business is done or allowed to be.

Of course we all know it’s THEIR platforms. 

So we try to start our own various platforms with new ideas and standards and run full steam into today’s version of hired union busting thugs.  In fact when various “conservatives” and populists of various stripes have tried to start alternatives, the Big Tech monopoly uses its financial might and influence to crush and deplatform it – ensuring that competitors and a “free market” are slogans in obscure subreddits rather than actual possibilities in our day and age.

Remember what happened with Freestartr?

Freestartr has effectively been destroyed as a company because they cannot get funds processed because Big Tech monopolies have decided to punish them over not policing their content creators’ politics.

Read that again. Because they have free speech, their company is being destroyed. There is no free speech in America. This is exactly, in a nutshell, why libertarianism doesn’t work and there needs to be regulation. Discrimination on a scale like this hasn’t happened since the Jim Crow era. People’s livelihoods are now being taken away in the name of left wing politics by financial institutions. At what point are we going to seriously fight this?

Surprisingly and shockingly a number of these cantankerous titans of moral righteousness have voiced their support and encouragement of Jones’ banning. They’ve also encouraged and given a loud microphone to banning him on any the platforms he still resides.  In the end their wishes came true.

Notice that our opponents aren’t just content to win this fight and specific battle.  They are pushing fully ahead in this war and eyeing more scalps. It didn’t and won’t just stop with credit card companies and banks stopping services and refusing business with places tolerant progressives rant about on Twitter. 

If you have an app, use amazon to sell books, or even use a kind of credit card, they are coming for you.   No longer is it just about boycotts, but actually preventing us and other dissidents from paying the bills. If they could prevent Walmart from selling you groceries, soap, etc, Amazon which sells 83% of E-books, or the ComEd from selling you electric, they will and justify it by labeling you a bigot, ist, ism, and phobe.

Predictably they haven’t stopped with Jones.  On their radar now appears to be other “conservative” fellows saying abominable offensive things that weren’t considered a radical opinion 15 years ago.  Well that was then and this is now.  So what the hell are we going to do?

New speech guidelines means that we need to implement new strategies to ensure that if our speech is determined by these overlords to be dissenting “hateful”, disagreement “bigoted”, criticism “harassment”, or any other vague terms that change every few months, then every single word of their is too.  

#MeToo? Then #YouToo as well.  The Joker in The Dark Knight wanted to burn down Gotham because nothing mattered. If we burn social media down through it’s own “safety measures” via mutually ensured flagging destruction, there’s an actual end goal in mind; to show that progressives and conservatives must be allowed coexistence together or banned all together.

Perhaps Mike Cernovich is correct in his strategy to dig up dirt out there – and there’s alot of it – on the various grave diggers, muckrakers, and bottom feeders who talk about how bad sexual abuse, rape, ist, isms, and phobes but are all guilty of it themselves.  For these types of people, it’s all about power.  Our tactics must accommodate and adapt in light of this.

They don’t care about any moral high ground, so neither should you when dealing with them. That mean’s using #MeToo, passing awkwardness off as sexual harassment, and anything else that can be wielded against them. Skeletons abound among these virtue signaling kackistocrats. Dig them up and find them.  We know they’ve been amassing them while #MeToo’ing the rest of us.

Now to be clear this means utilizing this tactic against those actively exploiting and using it, not against normal people living their lives who might have the wrong ideas on things. We don’t want to turn into monsters, we just need to be able to effectively fight the monsters instead of being eaten day-in-and-day-out.   

It may be time to show these woke types on the right side of history and their tech giant backers that false flagging and calls for bans work both ways. What would happen if YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were overwhelmed with reports and flags? What ensuing events would occur?

I’m not sure, but perhaps it’s time we found out.  Hopefully at some point they, the grave diggers, hypocritical virtue signalers, and the mobs inhabiting their swamps realize that forgiveness and second chances are something that’s GOOD and necessary for a function society.

The Mob That Ate Wil Wheaton Is Really Damn Scary

About a week ago Wil Wheaton had deactivated his twitter account because Alex Jones still hasn’t been banned. Very Woke.  You’ve also probably seen a bit about him using his Mastodon account.  It’s basically an open source social media platform with a heavily progressive base susceptible to the usual mob like action something Wheaton thought could be avoided by leaving Twitter. 

Predictably the pitchfork mobs made up of zealot progressives looking to virtue signal their wokeness by burning heretics was in full force at Mastodon. Wheaton ended up getting mass reported by its users and banned by staff for apparently being some sort of transphobe who doesn’t listen enough to the people slandering and bashing him by blocking one of them.

Honestly, I thought he would get #MeToo’ed, but it ended up being something like this.  Wheaton made a kind of I’m-done-with-social-media-post on his site detailing a bit of this insane hillarity on his leaving twitter for the kinder and safer waters.

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Did France’s “Diverse” World Cup Team Come At The Cost of African National Teams?

2018 French National Team

So why take a look at this now after the world cup has passed? Well, waiting a while helps clear the mind and give some time for the fanatics and devoted fans who watch futbol every 4 years to dissipate back to their normal lives where they don’t actually follow any leagues or national teams.

What get’s lost in the mix is some important reflection, particularly that diversity is turning European countries like France, Germany, and Italy into futbol powerhouses at the expense of the nations those players were born in.  It’s almost a form of “cultural appropriation”, but is instead ethnic/racial in nature.   Ironically, we don’t see similar impassioned denouncements from the usual suspects.

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Is Walking The Social Media Tightrope Worth the Risk Anymore?

“Twitter is weird. A huge amount of what’s written there is metatextual commentary on other tweets intended for a knowing audience reading in a specific moment. It’s an ephemeral, self-referential mode of discourse that is unfortunately not ephemeral or tied to reference points at all — in fact, it’s designed to be broadcast, archived, searched, and embedded by anyone, in any context, at any point in the future.” – Ezra Klein from Vox

Well is it?

Successful provocateurs will say yes and unfortunate souls like Justine Sacco will say it most certainly was not.  I’ll theorize that a good chunk of users want to make a name for themselves at some point.  They want to be famous and thus will have to walk the tightrope.

Everyone wants to build their own special brand. They want to be someone unique, while being controversial enough to push just the right buttons and step outside boundaries by inches to stand out in a crowded online world.  Provocation = profit.  A few make a living and following by doing this and the rest don’t.  You can be a self-made man and be your own boss!  Basically you self-brand.

We of course have a bit of familiarity with those who make it and can ACTUALLY freelance and pay their bills because they did just that.  That “fame” and newly acquired online rep comes at a price though; you can go from self-made and having made it to zero quite fast.

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AntiFa Are The Descendants of Karl Marx’s Revolution

Editors Note: This is an old post that was re-posted with updated analysis for the current day in light of increasing violence and unrest in the streets, rallies, and protests by AntiFa.

Today Marx’s sympathizers and his actual modern day acolytes like to make distinctions between words like communist, socialist, marxist, etc. Considering the  history of Communism in the 20th century, I guess for good reason.  What many people haven’t considered is the violence that Marx himself advocated in order to achieve system overhaul and his proletariat revolution.

“I am a revolutionist. I want to march in the shadow of the great Robespierre. Let blood drip from my hands. Let blood flow through the streets and victory shall be ours. Here is what virtuous citizens would say to you if he, our great lord and master, Robespierre were still alive today.


When an overcrowded vessel is caught at sea in a violent storm, a part of the crew is thrown overboard to save the rest, and so we must kill those citizens who stand against us in order that righteousness may prevail. So let us kill. Let us exterminate the bourgeois in order to save society from catastrophe. We will save them, or we will kill them and save them. It is their choice.”

Marx had entered Paris in February of 1848 and on March 4th he gave this speech to one of the revolutionary cells there.  Most people have never heard of this speech called the “I am a revolutionist speech.”   To be fair, nether did I. Marx’s speech was his endorsement of what would become the foundation of this new revolutionary religion that would engulf much of Europe during the revolutions of 1848.

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Are The Residents Of A “Shithole” Nation Responsible For It Being A “Shithole?”

It's hard to argue this is not a shithole.

Editor’s note: Post was republished with further thoughts and an expansion upon of commentary upon the impact of history and culture on a people. 

“Appalachia’s idea of a moderate drinker was the mountain man who limited himself to a single quart [of whiskey] at a sitting, explaining that more ‘might fly to my head’. Other beverages were regarded with contempt.”

Bold title huh?  To some extent the answer is, yes.  Governments ARE us.  Blame can be thrown out for some issues, but it can’t alleviate our responsibility completely in how our nations, provinces, regions, etc form and operate.

Despite Mongolian domination and destruction for 300+ years, China is not a shithole while parts of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, etc. are.


Well a people’s culture are actually VERY significant as are the traditions, heritage, language, and attitudes that shape them, their history, and set foundations for their future.  Let’s get down to brass tax.

Do we get the governments we so richly deserve? Are the people of a nation just as responsible for it’s path as it’s government?  These are sobering questions, if not harsh one’s about a people’s morality and culture.  This is the main thrust of the this post.
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Years Of the USA Lacking Political Violence Was Abnormal, Now Its Being Normalized Again

Governor Pat Brown of California said, “Goldwater’s acceptance speech had the stench of fascism. All we needed to hear was Heil Hitler.” Mayor Jack Shelley of San Francisco claimed that Goldwater strategists got all their ideas from Mein Kampf

Imagine going out with your family for walk to the park in urban New York or Chicago. Getting ready to leave and wanting to keep the sun out of your eyes, you quickly grab a #MAGA off the shelf thinking nothing of it.  Maybe you put on a dirty NRA shirt or something resembling a pro-Trump slogan.

You are on a brisk stroll there enjoying the fresh air.  WHAM!  Sudden pain and dizziness fills your head from someone ambushing you from behind with a punch. Maybe they attack your wife and girlfriend as well because guilt by association.   Perhaps they continue beating you after you’ve fallen on the ground and make threats about what will happen to you and your kids if you dare set foot on their street again.

No, this has happened quite yet, but we are on a path toward normalizing the random beatdowns of people wearing the wrong clothes, hats, slogans, logos, and saying the wrong opinions in supposedly safe public places.   First and foremost, this seems to be now normal routine at “protest” and “rally” locations in the last few years across the country and specifically in Blue strongholds.

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What Next After “Unbearable Whiteness” is Eliminated?

Unbearable Whiteness EVERYWHERE!

Editors Note:  I use quotes and italics for “white” and various suffixes of it because it’s hard to know who is “white” and how that’s determined anymore. (Mixed? Italians? White Hispanics who have too much conquistador in them? Arabs? North Africa? What?)

Unbearable “Whiteness” overtook these divers as they rescued Thai children who had been stuck in a cave. Pay no attention to the fact that these kids are safe, but rather to their rescuers who were clearly not burdened enough by their… “whiteness”.     What deplorables!  In fact we should encourage this behavior, but more on that later.


It must be quite the burden.  “Whiteness” here. “Whiteness” there. “Whiteness” everywhere!  What can be done to deal with horrid state of institutional systematic “whiteness” dear advocates of love, harmony, justice? Sometimes I fear that the burden may be too much to overcome.

The term itself isn’t just speaking truth to power.  Lucrative it has become.  Over the last few years more and more woke people – often “white” themselves – drop it as an odd badge of honor. It’s now permeated out of the backwater holes and into the mainstream.

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Examining the Coverage of AntiFa Vs Patriot Pride In Portland

Flash bangs to initiate the brawl. Picture courtesy of Reuters.

Before we get started, take a close look below as this cis straight white male is hit – literally – by reality thanks to this obvious black Nazi dude in a #MAGA hat.  (He actually managed to keep it!)  Obviously that’s Clayton Bigsby with the Patriot Prayer crowd.

Kanye would be proud.

I wonder why people show up to these insane events where blood, sweat, and nasty smells fill the air with abundance – especially in Portland.  Conversations are avoided and bloody knuckles are used to settle disputes.  Everyone is screaming. No one is listening.  Normal people of course go about their daily business.

But in Portland when it comes to these events, nothing is ever normal.  Everything is abnormal.  Conversation is for the weak.  The most provocative, incendiary, and useless terms are thrown about.   In this case, it’s the usual useless term of Nazi that’s applied so much, that even a Jewish trans lesbian can be a Nazi – if she holds the wrong views.

Consider this particular riot and the AntiFa’s screaming at Patriot Prayer and how they are all Nazis.

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